CKEditor makes text editing easy

By Camila D'Aquino
June 13, 2023
2 min read

In our recent version update 15.5.2, our team has improved the CKEditor functionality. Before jumping into the updates, let’s deep dive into the editor and what it brings to your Intranet.

CKEditor is a popular web-based rich text editor that provides users with a range of features to create and edit content. One of the essential functionalities of CKEditor is its image-handling capabilities, which allow users to insert, modify, and manage images within their content. Image handling in CKEditor involves various tasks such as uploading images, resizing, cropping, alignment, and applying styles.

Updates to our latest version related to content management

The functionality of our content editor has improved for different methods for image upload, including local file upload, drag and drop, and pasting from the clipboard.

When you are adding content, you can select add an image, cut, copy, paste, and past from Word, as seen below, and you do not need to worry about adjusting the dimensions of your images, the system already does it for you once you are creating your content.

Now more than ever, our Intranet offers comprehensive image handling capabilities that empower content creators to create visually engaging content. With its intuitive interface and a wide range of features, Intranet Connections simplifies the process of managing and manipulating images, making it a valuable tool for content creation in various web-based applications.

Another update in Intranet Connections is called a modal popup in Forms and Apps, concisely: anywhere there is data management. This feature is designed to provide users with a clear message that their data is being saved and to avoid closing any tabs or browsers while the process is underway. By displaying this popup, we aim to enhance the visibility of the system’s operation and prevent content creators from accidentally losing any uploaded data during the processing phase. This ensures that users are aware of the ongoing saving process and helps them avoid any potential data loss.

In conclusion, with CKEditor and its modal popup, users can effortlessly create visually appealing, accessible, and well-managed content, contributing to an enhanced web editing experience for all.

By Camila D'Aquino