IC’s Internal Communications Bootcamp, now completely virtual

By Erin Raimondo
July 30, 2021
3 min read
Get ready to graduate from our new internal communications bootcamp

Being an internal communicator is a constant process of growth and change. You’re likely hustling to keep up with your workload, perhaps off the side of your desk and in addition to another role. You have to keep up with the trends of communication and the needs of younger generations who are entering the workforce. Perhaps you’re doing all this and more with little formal training. Trust us, we’ve been there.

The good news is, we want to help you take your internal communications knowledge and practice to the next level—for free.  

With that in mind, we’re so pleased to announce the re-launch of our Internal Communications Bootcamp in a whole new format! After running several “virtual in-person” cohorts consisting of four weekly, live sessions, we realized that we could support a lot more people in a more accessible format by making the content available online, on-demand. The mix of written, video and graphic presentation of the information is designed to be quick and consumable, whether you’re learning from the ground up or just looking to refresh your skills.  

Want to go back and review a session? Just watch it again! Struggling to take notes and keep up? Just pause the video, of course!  

Once you register, you’ll have access to the entire course to run through at your convenience. The lessons themselves are broken out into four modules: 

1. Internal communications foundations  

Don’t worry, we’ll get to the practicalities! But first things first, we look at 7 core principles of internal communication and go through some of the important theories and context that underpins our discipline. You’ll use this info to form a strong foundation to build out your strategies, work with other business areas and gain trust within your organization.  

2. Strategy, mandate, and planning 

The words “strategy” and “planning” are not interchangeable. We cover why it is that communicators often use them that way, why we shouldn’t, and then get into the specifics of how to develop each. You’ll come out of these sessions with a blueprint for moving forward

3. Time to execute 

Getting into the brass tacks of internal comms, we pull the “doing” phase apart into four separate principles that each merit individual consideration. By focusing individually on audience segmentation, channel strategy, content, and timing, in turn, we work on creating stronger building blocks for more efficient, effective execution. 

4. Storytelling with data and reporting 

Numbers for words people, basically. Metrics and data are, no surprise, by the far the lowest-scoring area in our Assessing Internal Communications report. This particular module is designed to combat that by laying out how internal communicators can make use of their storytelling expertise via vetted reporting frameworks that get to the root of your data and pull it into a narrative. 

While we developed the bootcamp as a resource for the types of communicators we’ve found ourselves working with most often—those who were either new to the discipline or are taking on the responsibility from elsewhere in the business (marketing, IT, etc)—registrants of various levels have told us that they’ve also seen a benefit from reacquainting themselves with the core principles we cover: 

Our organization is at the infancy of a formal internal communications program, although we see a quickly-increasing need for the structure and strategy. Taking the Internal Communications Bootcamp was a great way for our team to get on the same page and take away strong ideas and examples that we can implement now and what we can look to do as we dedicate more time and resources to comprehensive internal communications. 

Courtney Kiss, Chief Growth & Development Officer 

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At IC Thrive, we firmly believe that great internal communications make all the difference in organizations big and small, but that those tasked with the job aren’t typically given the tools they need to succeed. Let us hand you the first few tools for your kit and register for our free internal comms bootcamp today. 

By Erin Raimondo

Erin was a former teammate at Intranet Connections.