Does Your Bank Need An Out-Of-The-Box Intranet?

By Karleen Murphy
November 7, 2018
2 min read

Summary: When looking for a new intranet, most bank customers I speak with are looking for the same thing: An internal communication software which is easy to manage and update, that IT can delegate out to other departments to add content to easily.

Ease of use is extremely important, and something baked into the foundation of our software. However, the real magic happens when I start to inquire about other areas that they feel efficiency could be improved.

From this I often hear that the biggest challenges are:

  • HR time spent on managing internal policies and tracking read confirmation
  • IT time spent updating links on the current intranet
  • Employee time spent emailing colleagues to find relevant information
  • Employee time spent printing paper forms, filling them out, signing them, and scanning them back in to email for approval
  • HR time spent on employee onboarding
  • Manager time spend reviewing submitted requests for approval and then routing them to the appropriate party after approval
  • Information silos within departments and branches

What I’ve discovered is that Bank’s needs go far beyond an internal communication software. You need to eliminate manual tasks, improve productivity, reduce human error, and consolidate documents and policies.

These are challenges that we can easily resolve, with built-in out-of-the-box tools such as Policy Management, Company News, Online Forms with Approval, and Team Sites.

Here is an examples of bank customers who resolved these challenges by implementing a new Bank Intranet:

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By Karleen Murphy

Karleen is a former IC teammate.